Alex Bayer

Bassist - Composer

Hi - I'm Alex Bayer!

I am a bassist, composer and educator with experience that ranges from jazz to free improvisation, rock, pop, orchestral performance and contemporary music.

I was born in Germany, but for the next coupled of years my family moved frequently among Germany, Sweden and Italy. When I turned 14 we finally settled back in Germany. At that time my interest in music started to grow. I started to produce music on my AMIGA 500 computer, then picked up the classical guitar and at the age of 18 I finally started to play electric bass. A couple of years later I passed the audition for the jazz program of the Music College in Nuremberg/Germany. While studying electric bass, I picked up the upright bass and fell in love with the big doghouse. 

As an artist whose musical taste defies any kind of categorization, I love playing expressive music that touches the borders of jazz and contemporary improvised music. Other than composing and performing as a soloist, I frequently accompany vocalists and instrumentalists, providing a strong bottom to their music. This may happen in styles as diverse as Indie, Hip Hop, Folk, Metal, Latin, World Music, Electronica, Funk … and the beat goes on and on and on …

I am a sought-after and very active member of the Bavarian music scene and have established an equally successful second home base in Berlin/Germany in 2010. To Express my own vision of composition and musical interaction, I formed the quintet "KAVKA". Go and check out my Projects page to discover new and exciting music.

I was fortunate enough to work with my a lot amazing artist such as Tom Tykwer, Nils Wogram, Rudi Mahall, Oli Steidle, Loren Stillman, Ronny Graupe, John Schröder, Christian Lillinger, Pegelia Gold, Kinderzimmer Productions, Nikko Weidemann, Madsen, Christine Hoock, Peter van Huffel, The Sunday Night Orchestra, Jeff Bradetich, Peter Fulda, Bill Elgart, Roland Neffe, Joerg Widmoser, Tino Derado, Danny Dziuk, Ofrin, Monika Roscher Big Band, Tobias Hofmann, Christof Tewes, Daniel Prätzlich, Dieter Köhnlein and Tobias Christl among many others.